THE FIRM

KuukuA Legal Consulting is synonymous with the highest quality legal advice and service.

We advise individuals, families, businesses, financial services, educational and not-for-profit organisations on every aspect of the law, wherever the need arises. From our offices in Ghana we work with trusted professionals around the world to deliver a seamless international service.

Our clients present us with complex and varied challenges. Whether that’s a complicated family trust issue, a multinational corporate transaction, or an emerging threat to their reputation, they need clear thinkers who can advise on the best solutions, fast thinkers when speed is of the essence and agile thinkers who can produce a fresh approach to get the job done. That’s why they choose us.

We deliver a unique client experience, going far beyond the application of law by partnering with each client and delivering highly specialised attention, focused solutions and the best possible outcome. This disciplined approach has resulted in KuukuA Legal Consulting being regarded as one of the most innovative firms in the United Kingdom, and beyond.

Our unwavering commitment remains to provide elegant, simple solutions to the most complex of legal matters, and to do it with our clients’ interests at heart. We have refined success in the corporate and commercial legal environment underpinned by the versatility of the multi-faceted and leading specialists who constitute our team.

Our advisory services cover Medical negligence, Immigration Law, (resident and work permit acquisition, dual citizenship), Family Law (eg Divorce, child adoption).

This is not just a place where matters are resolved and answers are found. It is a place where new ways of thinking lead to outcomes that raise the bar for excellence. The way we work and the passion which underpins everything we do, sets the standard for legal excellence in Ghana Market.

The Firm is made up of a team of brilliant dynamic and hardworking senior and junior associate lawyers who have made names in various field of the law.

Whatever your business may be whether you run a creative agency, a digital studio.

Provide all kind of Legal Service

Trusted Reputation

Most expert Professionals

World-class Attorneys

Our Mission Network

At KuukuA Legal Consulting, our mission is to champion justice and empower individuals and communities through expert legal representation and advocacy. Grounded in the principles of integrity, empathy, and excellence, we strive to safeguard the rights and interests of our clients in the dynamic urban landscape of Ghana. Our dedicated team of legal professionals is committed to providing accessible, innovative, and personalized legal solutions that address the diverse needs and challenges of our clients. By promoting fairness, equality, and accountability, we aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve and contribute positively to the evolution of our legal system and society at large.

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